Easton | Releases Brazen Single “Night & Day”

A song for those who need to hear it.

Written by

Tamara Jiji

Photographed by

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After a 2-year-long hiatus, Easton returns to the scene with a new, unapologetic single, “Night & Day.” Following the release of his 2020 debut album ‘Milky Way Midnight,’ “Night & Day'' offers the world a new side to Easton—one that doesn’t ask for acceptance, but rather demands it. With a chorus repeating the words, “You can’t pray the gay away,” the song serves as a counterargument to all those who’ve been told otherwise. The track, which was made in collaboration with Producer AJ Ramirez, is a satirical, yet serious take to a larger issue. It’s artist’s like Easton who are shedding light on often overlooked issues by use of his art.

“Night & Day” is now available on all streaming platforms.

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