DRAMA | Releases Self-Titled Single From Their New EP, "Till We Die"

An ode to love and self-worth

Written by

Mariam Bagdady

Photographed by

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Photographed by Zoe Rain

Following the success of their previous three EPs and central performances at both Coachella and Lightning in a Bottle, musical duo DRAMA’s debuts their latest single, "DRAMA" with the same triumph–serving as an anthem for independence and self-love. Known for seamlessly blending electronic and R&B beats in their music, the duo’s newest single continues to break those musical barriers with its soft vocals, alluring R&B undertones, and electrifying club-worthy beats. The solo track’s eclectic release begins the next chapter for the pair, with their next EP Till We Die expected to be released this Fall. 

Consisting of producer Na’el Shehade and singer and songwriter Via Rosa, the musical powerhouse is using their single “DRAMA” to illustrate the beauty in loneliness – sending the passionate message that patience with love can be more powerful than allowing oneself to succumb to a false love we don’t deserve. There is a pulsating reminder throughout the song, one that emphasizes that the road to love is not easy, but perhaps one that takes time.

DRAMA is not only finding solace in their musical realizations on a personal level but it’s clear that communicating these experiences is their means of connecting with their fans–both lyrically and artistically. With its narrative-driven features showcasing relationships broken in their separate ways to a club that is seemingly thriving on empowered individuals lost in the crowd and dancing to their own beat, the solo track’s music video plays into this connecting notion, showing that this long, lonely road to love is one that perhaps isn’t so lonely after all. 

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