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Matthew Bedard

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It’s paradoxical. There is only so much room for the hypothetical dance floor’s messiah, yet unlimited room on the floor itself for those seeking sonic divination. It’s in this way that the unequivocal DJ Harvey continues to assemble the most diverse and fun loving crowds on the planet–united in dance, bound by the yummy bass and boogie that the long term Angeleno issues with unfettered abandon. 

Now, after seven years in the making, DJ Harvey’s new Bali-based sonic temple is his love letter to the iconic venues that have helped shape electronic music. Culling from his 40 year career as an icon in the underground scene, Klymax Discotheque, which debuted to limited fanfare at the commence of 2024, was built from the ground up, with a custom sound system designed by Harvey and George Stavro, pumping from the subterranean wood clad interior. 

The 400 person venue is the latest addition to the sprawling chic hotel, restaurant, and cultural complex, Desa Potato Head. On the lineup: a mix of international heavy hitters from Carl Craig and Nina Kraviz to local legends Dita and Gero.

In celebration of a climatic Klymax, we spoke with the globetrotting sonic guru himself about what draws him to Bali, beachside raving, and the convergence of dance music and design.

Why Bali? Why now?

Many planets had to align for us to be able to manifest Klymax Discotheque. Three years turned into five years turned into seven with the pandemic. I’d visited a few times and played Potato Head Venue with everyone from Grace Jones to Peggy Gou, it really needed a club for the high end talent coming through. We chatted, their people spoke to mine and we made it happen. No detail has been overlooked or spared in the creation of this club from ground to sound. There’s also great waves in Bali. 

What about playing music oceanside influences its creativity?

Klymax disco is in close proximity to the ocean but half the club resides below sea level as well as under a lake, guaranteeing our ions are permanently negatively charged.

What are some obstacles you faced in bringing Klymax to life that you didn’t expect?

A fucking pandemic was one of them. The most challenging thing in Bali would be its natural environment, you are faced with everything from humidity, to potential volcanic eruptions and tsunamis. It is after all the ring of fire. 

Sometimes after the colloquial 'climax' there is a feeling of sadness. What feeling will remain after experiencing 'Klymax'?

A warm gooey feeling deep down inside.

What is compelling to you about contemporary design? What from the old school can you not let go of?

I’m a big fan of Eastern European brutalism and in an environment such as Klymax this suits this aesthetic and yields the functionality required.

Written by Matthew Bedard

Photos Courtesy of Potato Head.

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