Desert Hearts Festival | Photo Diary

An inside look to the 2-day electronic festival

Written by

Mikey Lion

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“Trying on my new jacket and sunglasses from the absolute legend Kimono Dave. He’s only a   few years into vending at festivals and has one of the most successful stores in the game. If you’re in San Francisco go check out his brick and mortar store.” 
“PartiBoi69 playing one of the most anticipated sets of the weekend. He lived up to the hype.”
“My manager finally letting loose after helping put on Desert Hearts Festival. Techno Tupac on the right thinks he's a dork. So do I.”
“Celebrating with our two main festival directors and Porky.”
“I still can’t believe we threw a party at the LA Coliseum. It’s such a historic venue and now we’ve left our Desert Hearts mark on it.”
“My younger brother Porky killing it on the City Hearts stage.”
“Desert Hearts Co-Founder Lee Reynolds posing for the camera while my brother Porky plays the City Hearts stage.”
“Me playing my set on the Desert Hearts stage with all my friends and family behind me.”
“The guy on the left was a Desert Hearts veteran taking his brother on the right to his very first rave and I could tell it was blowing his mind.  I had to take a picture. “
“Our merch team holding it down like the absolute champions they are”
“Taking a picture with my wife, Cookie, who’s been by my side since before Desert Hearts, and my mom who runs all the accounting for the festival. I couldn’t do this without them. “
“Desert Hearts Co-Founder, Marbs, and I celebrating a hard-fought-for Desert Hearts Festival
“A view from the back of the City Hearts Stage.”
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Desert Hearts Festival, DHLA, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum