Dear Dear | "A Woman's Fault"

A proudly feminist new single from Chase Cohl

Written by

Cerys Davies

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A new wave of feminist anthems is on its way from Chase Cohl under the moniker Dear Dear. The multi-hyphenate creatives single “A Woman’s Fault” marks the first taste of her upcoming album, “death of a fairytale.” The new single and video, produced by Pear Juice Productions, explore different the expectations of women in today’s world. The stream-of-consciousness lyrics paired with a 1960s inspired sound create an insightful retro juxtaposition.

Cohl, a published poet, fashion designer, and singer songwriter, pays homage to 1960s girl groups like The Ronettes and The Shirelles with the soundscape of “death of a fairytale.” This retro feeling came from the joint love and celebration of that era shared by her and Barry Goldberg, who has worked with legends like Bob Dylan, Ray Charles, and Gladys Knight. With her newest album, Cohl’s mission is to pay homage to this vintage style while also inserting a modern day perspective by giving the female protagonist a voice to discuss the issues she is facing. 

“It’s the most personal and honest song I’ve shared in a long time – almost a diary entry. Society has this really twisted comfort with involving itself in the timeline of women’s lives by telling us when we need to hit these milestones in order for our lives to be considered worthwhile, or reassuring us that we aren’t being sent in the direction of the spinster. Mostly I was just really sick of people asking me questions that were none of their business,” explains Cohl.

Dear Dear's "A Woman's Fault" is streaming now.

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