Curtis Waters | Death Keeps Calling My Name

Death reimagined

Written by

Isaac Dektor

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Fresh pop sensation Curtis Waters drops his music video for the new single “Death Keeps Calling My Name,” out now.The highly stylized video visualizes Waters’ relationship with mortality, a subject he’s clearly been wrestling with for some time. 

"I wrote the song, ‘Death Keeps Calling My Name,’ in a very dark period of my life,” says the 23-year-old singer-songwriter. “I’ve been struggling with depression since I was a teenager and suicidal ideation is something I have to constantly fight against. In these dark periods, the thought of death isn’t scary, it’s the only relief from reality. In the music video, we were able to portray death as something beautiful and cathartic rather than something terrifying."

The video concept departs from a traditional depiction of death, a grim reaper, or all-encompassing darkness, instead opting to visualize it as a woman in white. Masses of young people around him reflect the shared experiences that transcend generations and identity — death comes for all. 

Waters hung up his usual contemporary beats in favor of guitar-driven alternative sounds for his new single. His vocal performance is supported by simple instrumentation, allowing the brutally honest songwriting and visceral intonations to come through unimpeded. 

The 23-year-old delivers a gut wrenching chorus with lyrics that show wisdom beyond his years: “I see you in the morning / call me when you’re lonely/ I’ll be on the way / I’ll be on the way”

“Death Keeps Calling My Name” is the third single off his highly-anticipated upcoming album, Bad Son LP, dropping June 23rd, Waters’ debut album, Pity Party, garnered 1 billion streams, and his subsequent “Manic Man” broke 3 million and still counting. 

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