Chelsea Wolfe | A Quest for Authenticity

Behind the Scenes of “Whispers in the Echo Chamber” and “Tunnel Lights”

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Photographed by Nicolas Sandino Moreno

From the realms of a rebirth comes a purposeful command to look within, one that is often summoned from a state of yearning, or perhaps even a call for growth. Although messages behind these moments of unfamiliar vocations are hidden and impatient, these pleas enlighten us to discover solace in the ever-changing versions of ourselves. 

Finding fondness with those inklings of introspection is Chelsea Wolfe, a singer and master of resilience, who shows no fear in her quest in the depths of the unknown. Among the intricacies weaved throughout her upcoming album, She Reaches Out To She Reaches Out To She, Wolfe embraces the freedom that follows the death of who we once were. In an endeavor to embody a state of growth and enlightenment, her past self strives to summon who she is today and her future self to come. 

From lead single “Whispers in the Echo Chamber” to “Tunnel Lights,” the dubbed “queen of gothic industrial guitar” by Guitar World wanders for a life of authenticity and fulfillment. The visuals of the two freshly-released tracks are directed by George Gallardo Kattah and filmed within the landscapes of Colombia, dimensions that reflect Wolfe’s search for her soul. Wolfe’s songs represent a fusion of minimal synth and soaring vocals, transcending you towards an endless pursuit of what is yet to be discovered. 

FLAUNT caught a glimpse behind the scenes of Wolfe's latest singles.

On a rooftop in Bogotá. Makeup and hairstyling by Laura Cadena. Haircut by Garrett Markenson. Cape by Jenni Hensler. Styling assistance by Adriana Kanal.
The crew making magic happen for the “Whispers in the Echo Chamber” video, featuring performance artist Medúlla beneath the sheet.
Director George Gallardo Kattah and crew shooting distance shots from the mountaintops of the Eastern Colombian Andes.
Performing “Tunnel Lights” in front of one of the ‘monoliths’.
The crew making preparations to film in Chingaza.
Filming in the cold and beautiful mountains.
Director George Gallardo Kattah and production designer Daniela Franco working out a shot.
Tribute to two of my favorite films, The Seventh Seal and Angel’s Egg.

She Reaches Out To She Reaches Out To She is set to release in February 2024.

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