Bubble World | A Kaleidoscope of Color

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Brendan Le

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A kaleidoscope of color descends on Los Angeles with the arrival of Bubble World: An Immersive Experience. Produced by curator and distributor Exhibition Hub in collaboration with live-entertainment discovery platform Fever, Bubble World lands in Montebello after a successful premiere in Milan, Italy. A planet just 15 minutes outside of downtown LA, visitors to the exhibition will travel through a geometric paradise rife with lights, fun, and photo ops.

“We constantly strive to create experiences that instill a sense of wonder and play in our guests. Bubble World more than delivers on this mission,” says Exhibition Hub CEO and Creative Director Marco Iacampo.

The 13-room exhibition simulates a variety of experiences using virtual reality, projection, and lasers along with an abundance of perfectly cut shapes to produce a surreal, otherworldly adventure. Take a trip on a hot air balloon filled to the brim with multicolored bubbles, or trick the eye with infinite light constructed from lightbulbs and mirrors. With rooms ranging from a hanging chair lounge with bubble pods to a supersized pink ball pit, there is endless possibility in Bubble World.

Tickets are available on Bubble World’s website.

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