Blair Gun | Punchy "Man of the Hour" off Debut Album 'Blaspheme Queen'

Alchemizing the tendrils of youth.

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The garage rock foursome, Blair Gun releases their latest offering "The Man of The Hour" off their upcoming debut album Blaspheme Queen. Members Joedin Morelock (vocals, guitar), Zach Cavor (guitar), Alland Mendivil (bass), and Jake Richter (drums) converge with spikey soundscapes and child-like humor with an alt-rock punch for their third single that pokes fun at toxic masculinity. With their previous "Pound Sand" and "Lemondrops," carries on the bands sprightly sonics and upbeat ideals. "Man of The Hour" The band shares, “We had been on a long kick of old school hip hop and rap songs, and loved how overly braggadocious they can be at times. We wanted to put our own somewhat nonsensical indie rock spin on those lyrical themes.” 

Set to release March 3, Blaspheme Queen will bring unwavering energy, taking the tendrils of youth and alchemizing the growing pains into fuel for their blithe spirit. The San Diego-based band will soon play at SOMA on Feb 11th, Soda bar on Feb 21, and at the Sun Valley Film Fest on April 1, and will then announces their upcoming SoCal tour.

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