Been Stellar | “Passing Judgement”

From their upcoming debut album 'Scream From New York, NY'

Written by

Bree Castillo

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Photographed by Gabe Long

NYC-based five-piece, Been Stellar, releases their first single, “Passing Judgement” from their upcoming debut album Scream From New York, NY. The brutal list track reveals itself in a sharp and angular soundscape where cathartic intention lays atop crisp strings and moody insouciance, leaving you with a transcendental dissonance. At the core of their sound is the interplay between vocalist Sam Slocum, guitarist Skyler Knapp and Nando Dale, bass player Nico Brunstein and drummer Laila Wayans creating this sense of sonic urgency and relentless intensity.

“We were finishing ‘Passing Judgment’ in the midst of our first tour in the UK. Playing through it a bit differently each show, we were learning to look at the song from different angles. The recording feels live because of this process — there’s a chaotic feeling in the drums and bass that wouldn’t be there if we hadn’t finished writing it live,” Sam shares. “Lyrically I was thinking about why we judge the world around us, and how passing judgment on someone or something is usually rooted in being unsure in oneself.” 

With unabashed ambition, Scream From New York, NY will release on June 14th, but until then you can see the band accompany labelmates The 1975 on their European tour after signing with Dirty Hit.  

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Been Stellar, “Passing Judgement”, Scream From New York, NY