Bedouin | Voices In My Head

A conversation with the musical duo about their latest single and upcoming NYFW performance.

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Matthew Bedard

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Tamer Malki and Rami Abousabe, otherwise known as DJ and production duo Bedouin have spent the last decade consistently crafting enchanting and atmospheric soundscapes that have enthralled listeners across the globe. Bedouin’s genre-defying sound can be characterized as a mystic fusion of traditional Middle Eastern influences and contemporary electronic beats. The multi-instrumentalists and singer-songwriters first gained momentum as a pair after performing together at Burning Man in 2013, often citing the transformative festival as an integral pillar of the Bedouin project. 

Quickly gaining notoriety, Bedouin paved their own sonic lane with a number of prolific releases, and graced the most exclusive stages in the world including Coachella, Burning Man, Tomorrowland, and more. Bedouin continued on to launch their own label ‘Human By Default’ and their immersive Saga residency in Ibiza. After over a decade of transcending cultural and sonic boundaries, Bedouin will be releasing their long-awaited debut album ‘Temple Of Dreams’ later this year. Malki and Abousabe have today revealed the album’s captivating lead single ‘Voices In My Head,’ demonstrating the duo’s own vocal prowess.

Bedouin will be showcasing their distinctive sonic vision during NYFW, as they are hosted at The Glass House by underground events collective Teksupport, who have produced some of the most important collisions of club culture, high fashion and technology in recent years. The NYFW event is held in partnership with FLAUNT.

Read below as we discuss new music, their Teksupport performance, Saga, and more with Bedouin.

Today (February 10th) you will be releasing ‘Voices In My Head,’ the lead single off your debut album ‘Temple Of Dreams.’ Can you tell us about the creative process behind it and why you chose this particular track to lead the album?

Voices In My Head was one of the first songs we knew would be for the album. We produced it with a nod to growing up with 90s and early 2000s hip hop. This album is all about bending genres, so we wanted to experiment and present something new and a bit unexpected. It’s also one of the first tracks we sang on together - Rami doing the backing vocals and Tamer doing the lead vocals. The track is about artificial intelligence and how it’s slowly taking over. 

You have been creating music for over a decade, what motivated you to choose now to release your debut album?

About 7 or 8 years ago, we wrote a track Wash Away and it sparked the conversation of eventually making a full album. Wash Away will be released as part of the full album too. Since the pandemic, so much has changed in the world of Bedouin. We moved from Brooklyn to Miami. We moved our residency from Heart to Pacha. We started our own label Human By Default. It just felt natural for our debut album to come next.

How would you describe the overall tone of the album and your music style in general?

This album was created with the purpose of providing a beautiful sonic listening experience. An experience that bridges what you hear us perform around the world in our shows with our musical and production capabilities. It is a genre-bending body of work, where rules were broken and the sole guide was the feelings that the music evokes. 

You often cite your Middle Eastern heritage as a source of musical inspiration for your work. Where else does Bedouin draw influence from?

Tamer: I listen to many different genres of music from different eras and regions. Being musically open naturally draws to my inspiration with whatever I write and produce. Growing up in Amman, Jordan, I was exposed to the middle-eastern music scales, quarter/semi notes and a general level of emotion was created from a very young age. My older brother used to sing and play the Ou, and that mesmerized me in many ways that were implanted in me moving forward. 

On February 10th, you will also be playing at The Glasshouse during NYFW, hosted by FLAUNT and Teksupport. Given this is a fashion-forward audience, how do you plan to tailor your set to the crowd? Do you have any special outfits planned?

For an event like this, we usually feel it out then navigate the vibe and energy of the room…As for outfits, NYC always brings out the best of us, especially on a week like this…So let’s see 

Your iconic Saga residency will be returning to Pacha in Ibiza this summer. How would you describe the Saga experience to someone who hasn’t yet attended?

Bedouin Saga is an experience. From the moment you step in, we try to take you into another world.. From the music programming, the immersive performances that take place throughout the night, the visuals and lighting, to the overall production. It's an immersive musical experience that you can be a part of only in Ibiza and some select cities around the world. 

Our Saga team lead by creative director, Brigitte Armengol, who has been with us since the beginning of Saga, does a phenomenal job at curating each detail or each night - and we cannot think of a better home to host this event series than the legendary Pacha Ibiza. 

What else is coming up this year for you? Anything else we should have on our radar?

Our debut album is what's next. Seven years in the making… WIll coming out this May on our label Human By Default via The Orchard/Sony. Also, we’re working on some exciting collaborations in the fashion world - we can’t share too many details yet but definitely keep us on your radar.

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