Barney Bones and Duckwrth | New Summer Sound with “Westside Story”

An homage to LA

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Gabriella Madden

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Grammy-nominated songwriter and vocalist Barney Bones dropped a new music video and EP today, titled ESCAPISM, which in part is the result of a conversation with the acclaimed Terrace Martin, who encouraged Bones to pursue a solo career of his own. ESCAPISM consists of six songs in total, this latest video being for the single “Westside Story,” a collaboration between Bones and the genre-bending, multi-talented rapper, singer, and songwriter Duckwrth, who wrote and performed the hit song "Start a Riot," a part of the soundtrack to animated film Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse. The track shows the pair's undeniable synergy, and is directed by Jack Dalton, who’s had credits on videos such as Don Toliver’s “after party,” and Young Thug and Nav’s “No Debate.” 

The video is bright, vivid, and perfect for the warm months ahead. The song itself is the perfect summer sound–the lyrics are an ode to Los Angeles with references of different freeways and parts of the city, with a catchy beat and smooth harmony. Shooting on location in LA, the city where both Bones and Duckwrth were born and raised, the two rap around town, doing donuts in parking lots, walking down the streets, and hitting up some corner stores. Born and raised in South Central LA, Bones has made an extensive mark in the creative world, working with and writing songs for the likes of Gus Dapperton, Giveon, and Channel Tres, alongside his ventures as a director, actor, and producer. The video and song is a homage to their hometown, and it’s a wonderful celebration. 

Courtesy of Barney Bones.
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