Balmain | Celebrating the Launch of Alexandre Arrechea’s Installation, ‘Hexagon Garden’

A night of drinks, art, and innovation.

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Tamara Jiji

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On Wednesday, November 30, 2022, Balmain toasted to an exhibition in partnership with Cuban contemporary artist Alexandre Arrechea. The event was held at Superblue during art’s biggest weekend—Art Basel Miami Beach. Guests included the artist himself, Balmain Chief Marketing Officer Txampj Diz, Balmain President Emily George, Rickey Thompson, Kimberly Drew, and Sabrina Claudio amongst others. 

The exhibition included both digital and physical art, as well as an innovative Web3 experience, fusing Balmain’s rich heritage with state-of-the-art 3D printing and Meta-technologies powered by LITO—a platform that aims to make art accessible to all, through the use of specialized scanning equipment. 

Villa Balmain, originally built in the late 60s, once served as a secluded safe haven of sorts to the brand’s founder, Pierre Balmain. Today, thanks to the minds of artists and innovators such as Arrachea, the villa has been transported abroad to the coast of Florida, on view for the world to see. LITO, using its topographic scanning techniques, assisted Arrechea by digitizing the entirety of Villa Balmain and its surrounding areas, bringing it to life, and creating “Hexagon Garden.”

The installation also displays four large-scale interpretations of the artist’s signature masks—each paired with its own unique NFT. The NFTs are to be minted on the XRP Ledger and sold to the public on MintNFT.com.

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Balmain, Alexandre Arrechea, Art Basel Miami Beach, Hexagon Garden