BAILEN | "Here We Are Again"

Single from their upcoming album, Tired Hearts

Written by

Liam Kozak

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BAILEN, the family band consisting of siblings Daniel, David and Julia Bailen, just releases new single “Here We Are Again,” an indie-pop ballad that speaks intelligently on the challenges of a long-distance relationship without sacrificing any of the upbeat, tempo-driven fun. The track’s obvious intimacy is a result of the band’s empathetic insights of one another. This kind of sonic telepathy is how the track was crafted.

“Here We Are Again” was written by Daniel from the perspective of his sister, Julia, who was grappling with her own long-distance relationship. The band’s closely captured vocals and perfect harmonies contribute to this sense of oneness in the band, a single entity moving in three bodies capable of creating beautiful songs to cry to and to laugh to.

On the track, Julia shares, “The song is about running out of things to say to your significant other. I had brought the track home to David and Daniel and we tried to work out a more personal approach to the song. Daniel, in a stroke of inspiration, just started writing all of these lines from my perspective – moments of my life and relationship that we had all lived through together or heard about—and the verses just poured out of him.” 

Tired Hearts, due May 5, 2023 via Fantasy Records, was produced by BAILEN and Brad Cook. Their tour resumes on May 12, 2023 before finishing with a hometown show at the legendary Le Poisson Rouge on May 20th in New York City.

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