Asia Chow | Let The Music In & Don’t Let It Go

Making Her Indie-Folk Debut With “Days Unchanged”

Written by

Mariam Bagdady

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With music comes escape, one that can be never-ending yet beautiful in the way it infiltrates the mind and creates fantasies unbounded by the realities of life. Within this escape, Asia Chow finds solace, a gratifying intersection between the untethering feeling of music and the magnetizing pull of lyrical understanding. Making her indie-folk debut with her newest single “Days Unchanged,” Chow finds comfort in that unrestrained fantasy, singing about isolation, the beckoning of familiar days, and the duality of time.

A Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and former model, Chow enters into the realm of nostalgic pop intertwined with the ruggedness of folk– rediscovering her love for music, art, and style in this new era. Having picked up a guitar in high school but choosing to confine her sound to the four walls of her bedroom, she’s now realized that the isolation she succumbed to with music is not one worth giving into. For Chow, music is a release and one she now welcomes eagerly. In the notes, belts, and beats bound to the paper it's written upon, she finds music becoming a cathartic confession– that of what we choose to hold in rather than let go. As Chow writes, produces, and performs music that she finds speaking delicately to her soul, her debut “Days Unchanged” illustrates a new side of artistry for her– welcoming lush yet intimate words that not only communicate her innermost thoughts but permeate into the personal lives of all who listen.

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