Dispatches from Art Basel | Pierce Brosnan's Art Miami Debut & JR Unveils His Latest Project

Miami Art Week welcomes Pierce Brosnan and JR showcasing newest pieces

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Maria Kyriakos

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Courtesy Keely Shaye Brosnan via Instagram.

At Art Basel this week in Miami, legendary actor Pierce Brosnan has been welcomed into the art world, debuting his curated collection in partnership with OLEA. The five paintings were on display for viewing at the Markowicz’s Fine Art Booth at Art Miami. Brosnan first made traction and gained worldwide recognition in 2018 when his painting of Bob Dylan had sold for 1.4 million euros in Cannes, at the 25th amfAR Gala, Cinema against AIDS.

The paintings at Art Basel evoke a sense of self-reflection across various art forms such as portraits, landscapes, abstracts, and sketches. The art feels intimate and Brosnan’s overall approach can be credited to his life as an actor, producer, philanthropist and environmental activist.

Photographed by Patrick Finley.

World-renowned artist JR also unveiled his newest projects at Superblue, The Chronicles of Miami. The piece conceptualizes how the entire vibrant city can be represented so closely and so accurately, through art. Upon skimming through the pieces, recognizable faces ranging from celebrities to politicians can be spotted intertwined with the city’s locals. The various subjects are imagined side by and side and as equals – truly creating a timestamp of the moment. The mural transcends its normal state by coming to life as the muses tell their stories of Miami, through the artist’s free augmented reality app, JR:murals.

Photorgraphed by Retro. Courtesy World Red Eye.

JR also debuted his immersive work, The Machine Behind the Art: Inside JR’s Printing Press - also created for Superblue. The installation allows visitors to walk through a portal-esque door that leads them into The Chronicles Of Miami. With an option to take portraits in one of the four individual photo booths, visitors enter the space of an oversized printing press where the portraits just captured escape and float to the ground. Guests included Robert De Niro, Sofi Tukker, Jose Parla and more, all in attendance at the installation which will be on display through 2024.

Courtesy Superblue.
Courtesy Superblue.
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