Ariana and the Rose | Cosmic Lover

The popstar that transports fans into another world

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Ani Gutierrez

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Ariana and the Rose dives deep into the intergalactic world in her new music video for Cosmic Lover. Initially appearing on her debut album, “Lonely Hearts Club,'' the release of the Cosmic Lover video adds to the final installment of this album's official era. The video combines a theatrical, old Hollywood feel with an intergalactic love interest, as her upbeat melodies are accompanied by a ravishing dance with a partner who’s quite literally out-of-this-world. 

Following the release of her new music video, next in line for the Brooklyn popstar is her highly anticipated winter tour for the “Lonely Hearts Club” album. There will be five shows in select cities across the U.S. running from November 28 to December 15. Local drag legends will be featured in shows along her tour, as well as singer/songwriter Kelsey Kindall in her San Francisco show. 

When discussing her tour, Ariana says, “The amazing community we've been able to build through this album has meant so much to me and I cannot wait to go out with a bang on these upcoming tour dates!”

Among the current achievements and plans Ariana is currently working on, the celestial singer is also set to release a Cosmic Lover remix, which includes reinterpretations of the track by Initial Talk (with Kylie Minogue, Dua Lipa, and Sia) and TCW. As she continues the galactic journey of her musical career and prepares for her tour, she says “Getting to dance and sing with everyone in person will be the perfect ending to this album era.”

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