APPARATUS LA | A Change of Scene

Experiments in Glamour & Grit

Written by

Camryn Spratt

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Since its inception in 2012, APPARATUS has served a need, both functional and emotional: bring light to life. With the recent scene change in the Los Angeles showroom, illumination takes on many forms. The gallery itself represents roots and returns- leading us through layers of the subconscious via archways, avenues, repeating forms and a progression of materials embodying the tension between the modern and the arcane.

Inspired by light and its inevitable movement from one moment to the next, APPARATUS merges with an infinite stream of possibility in a beaconed embrace of light and hour. The gallery itself stands as a testament of time, setting dreamscapes, opening portals and laying foundations. In this laboratory ripe for reinvention, one may find themselves carrying out trials on ascension, toying with the possibilities of the space and its elements as they endure everlasting metamorphosis.

Beginning in a modernist grotto, one undergoes a conscious excavation in the reimagined LA showroom, rising from the deep subterranean world of rock aggregate walls to transcend solid foundations and pass through a dreamy vortex of reflective release. In this state of suspension, we consider the discoveries made in our passage through layers, eventually returning to idle solace in a rooted reunion with the heart and its symbolized home in the center of the gallery.

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