Announcing the 2023 Hope, Faith, and Grace Gala in Aspen with David LaChapelle

Art and Humanitarianism advocate Bryn Owen has built an event, in association with Flaunt, that will contribute funds to Operation Underground Railroad, a nonprofit group rescuing trafficked children.

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Photographed by David LaChapelle

The 2023 Hope, Faith, & Grace Gala in Aspen, scheduled for December 15, stands as a vibrant celebration of artistic brilliance and heartfelt philanthropy, embodying both fun and profound purpose. Bryn Owen, a private art collector from Newport Beach and a former tech entrepreneur, brings a unique energy to this event. His journey from the tech world, where he experienced both the risks and rewards of the field, to a passionate advocacy of the arts and education, shapes the ethos of the gala.

Owen's sponsorship of this event is not only an act of philanthropy but also an expression of his deep gratitude for the art community, especially those involved in the commissioned photoshoot with David LaChapelle.

The commission of LaChapelle's pieces, particularly the reinterpretation of "The Three Graces," is a highlight, symbolizing the intersection of art and activism. This initiative reflects Owen's appreciation for the artistic process and his desire to use such platforms for societal benefit.

The synergy between Bryn Owen and David LaChapelle is central to the gala's narrative. Their shared advocacy for change transcends typical event planning, revealing a joint commitment to humanitarian causes. This collaboration is rooted in shared passions – a love for art, a connection to Maui and New York, and a mutual interest in charities. Owen's decision to host this event is an altruistic gesture, born from his gratitude towards David LaChapelle and the professionals with whom he collaborated. It's a celebration that ties together community, art, and giving back. The gala's dynamic atmosphere, created by the hosting of comedian Morgan Jay and the performance by Arkai from Julliard, ensures an entertaining and immersive experience for all attendees. This event is not just a charity fundraiser; it's a festive, meaningful gathering that highlights the importance of the cause.

Looking ahead, Owen plans to continue his philanthropic and artistic endeavors with a sequel shoot in Maui. This ongoing commitment showcases his dedication to blending art with charitable efforts, furthering his impact in the world. Thus, the 2023 Hope, Faith, & Grace Gala is more than just an event; it's a reflection of Bryn Owen's journey in art and philanthropy, a festive convergence of like-minded individuals, and a beacon of hope and advocacy driven by a shared vision of compassion, artistry, and a relentless commitment to making a positive impact

“In life we have the opportunity to elevate ourselves and others in a manner that is consistent with our hopes and dreams. It is a great privilege to be in a position to share this experience and I would like to express my sincere gratitude to David and the entire talented team that has made it all possible.” - Bryn Owen

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