And Always Forever | The First Ever Shoegaze & Electroclash Festival in Los Angeles

November 9th at The Echo + Echoplex

Written by

Bree Castillo

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In the search of what is true and what is eternal, And Always Forever might be the closest thing to heaven. 

On November 9th, you and everyone you know will be at And Always Forever, the festival of which is taking over both stages of The Echo + Echoplex. In its first year and the first of its kind, AAF is a love letter to the Los Angeles music scene, wherein dense, turbulent, and exposed soundscapes of shoegaze will marry into the pummeling percussion and pervasive force of today’s experimental techno.  

Presented by American Death and Pretty But Wicked, the single-day festival welcomes legacy acts Swirlies, lovesliescrushing, and Astrobrite, as well as rare performances from overseas electronic acts Schwefelgelb, Marie Davidson and Croatian Amor, and new sounds juggler, MGNA Crrrta, Urika’s Bedroom, Touching Ice, and Purest Form all under one roof. 

Alongside the performances, the Echoplex patio will be home to the AAF bookfair curated by Richmond-based publishing house, Pomegranate Press, truly blurring the lines between art and music. 

If you aren't there, you're nowhere. Find tickets here.

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