Adam Ten B2B Mita Gami | Lightning in a Bottle 2024

Behind the scenes look at the back-to-back duo’s closing set

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Mita Gami, pre-set about to spin us into a vibe! 

A merging of the minds of Adam Ten and Mita Gami. The two DJ/producers blend the tones of techno and progressive house as they close the Woogie stage at the Lightning in a Bottle (LIB) music festival in Buena Vista Lake, California. Their performance is defined as a transformational wonderland for creatives and experience hunters. With immersive core stages, top-tier setups, and curation of innovative sounds, Adam Ten and Mita Gami go beyond the tropes of entertainers. The back-to-back duo brings their audience trip-happy journeys that explore the art of music and transcend audiences into a community of those in search of their highest selves. 

Coming off their experience at LIB, the duo is now preparing to throw their own event with the label Maccabi House this summer, kicking off in NYC, LA, and Ibiza. As anticipation builds for the artists’ upcoming techno tour, take a look at their otherworldly experience at Lightning in a Bottle, documented in the photo diary below. 

Adam Ten heating up the epic B2B to follow! 
A Maccabi House takeover at LIB's Woogie Stage as Adam Ten B2B Mita Gami took over for Friday's closing set!
This marked the debut for both Mita Gami and Adam Ten at Lightning In A Bottle.
Meet Mita Gami. 
Adam Ten + Mita Gami's Maccabi House bolsters rising talent from a label perspective and will now open the way for events kicking off in New York, Los Angeles and Ibiza this Summer. 
Slow down, take in the moment! The energy at LIB was unmatched!
V reality... The glamourous DJ life!
Not boring is what we strive for...
Pre-show crew love! Big love to LIB for the hospitality and vibes!
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