WITHIN Exhibition | Crowns & Owls in association with mind

by Flaunt Magazine

Crowns & Owls is a creative collective based in London whose most recent project, Within, was released on July 18th. The project, complete with a publication and short film, was created as a contribution to MIND, a mental health charity in the UK.


Not only is Within impactful because of the fundraising proceeds that will go to MIND, but it also initiates a much-needed conversation about mental health.  The project successfully displayed the abundance of experiences associated with mental health and the way in which individuals navigate these issues. 


The film itself is a work of art with beautiful images and vivid metaphors. The focus is on the experience of a person struggling with their own mental health and combatting the thoughts in their mind. It is a physical journey with intensity of movement and impactful thoughts, spoken aloud. 


The physical exhibit is taking place at Protein Studios and the film is posted below and on Vimeo. 

Written by Louisa Solarz