Weekend Recall | X.X.T

by BJ Panda Bear

Last Friday the LA based audio/visual artists X.X.T co-hosted a sold-out Karaoke Showdown with David and Eve Dastmalchian at the historic Bob Baker Marionette Theater in Echo Park, Los Angeles.  The magical Bob Baker Theater has been part of the LA community for over 60 years delighting children of all ages every morning with puppet shows, imagination, and ice cream. The future is sweet as the Bob Baker gang are now set to move to Highland Park bringing new life to the legendary theater -- To celebrate the continuation of the Bob Baker legacy in Los Angeles, X.X.T and the Dastmalchian’s invited guests to sing away the night with puppets and preview the forthcoming video from X.X.T ’Steve Jobs' featuring Dave Dastmalchian.

Photos by David Hache