Flaunt Premiere | The Parlor "Dive"

by Morgan Vickery


From a farmhouse in upstate New York filled with jars of feathers and herbs, piles of broken guitars, braided onions and antique mirrors, the husband-and-wife duo dubbed The Parlor write and release their music. These multi-instrumentalist producer-composers, Eric Krans and Jen O’Connor, create intimate art-pop intended to reflect some of the most powerful aspects of the human experience. Since releasing their Kiku LP in April 2018, the band has scored a successful indie-horror zombie flick The Battery by filmmakers Jeremy Gardner and Christian Stella. The Parlor has subsequently been featured in their films, with Gardner and Stella asking the duo to lend songs to their new film titled Something Else.

Today, the couple premieres their latest release, the second track of their two-song EP and a follow-up to Kiku — an elegy for the multiple miscarriages the couple went through. A seductive siren song over heavy synth bass, atmospheric electric guitars and driving drums, it lays out the paths forward from tragedy.

“On this tune, we wanted to be a super heavy dark band with a dreamy desert witch vocalist,” the duo said. “It was written with the urge to shave our heads and sell everything. It's saying ‘Leave us alone. Pull the shades, pass the bourbon, we're going deep.’”

Written by: Valerie Stepanova