by Flaunt Magazine

Would calling relations between the U.S. and Mexico tense be hitting the nail on the nose? Would calling Mexican-American, super featherweight boxer Ryan “The Flash” Garcia undefeated be an overstatement? In Southern California, we can almost see Trump’s wall on our tippy-toes of the nation’s newest big big (read: tallest) building west of the Mississippi. For us, Ryan Garcia is more than a boxer; he is an elegant symbol of coexistence, of grayness, of double standards. In a world where people are willing and eager to cough up sub-minimum wages for undocumented labor while supporting stupid movements for taller borders, who better to grace these pages than a 20-year-old pretty boy who violently incapacitates people, professionally? Let freedom ring! 

Photographed by Sye Williams

Fashion Director — Santa Bevacqua

Styled by Leonard Murray

Groomed by Carson Stern

Produced by Lisa Houck

Photo Assistant — Chris Stotlz

Styling Assistant — Britton Litow

Location — The Palace Theater

Video: Hailey Ruffner