PURE | Renée Parkhurst x Geneva Jacuzzi

by Flaunt Magazine

If you're in LA on September 2nd, you will want to go see what Renée Parkhurt has been cooking up. The event, titled "Pure",  is meant to be an experience by its very nature. 

The concept behind the exhibit is the back and forth relationship that we as human beings have in connection to our "purity and wickedness, light and darkness". More specifically, the show will be featuring the famous synth pop and performance artist Geneva Jacuzzi as well as the photographs of Renée Parkhurst.

The series of work by Parkhurst consists of several photoshoots that each have their own storyline. Prepare yourself for a carefully designed interior complete with dimmed lighting, a projection on the walls, and even a 20ft bird cage! Nick Leng will be on the piano for the first quarter of the exhibit and at the after party, Geneva Jacuzzi will perform in two separate opening bands followed by a DJ Drab Majesty set. Skip the BBQ this weekend and head for something much hotter.

Courtesy of Renée Parkhurst

Courtesy of Renée Parkhurst


Written by: Louisa Solarz