Polyplastic premiere for "My Prescription" video

by Flaunt Magazine


At the end of June, Polyplastic released their latest EP Not No. The 405 premiered the EP - praising it, stating, "At just under 15 minutes, Not No is a quick listen and it will leave you wanting more, but it will also keep you coming back after all the songs get stuck in your head for days on end."


In support of their latest release, Polyplastic, consisting of Charlie Ellis and bassist Emily Ibarra, is set to head out on a national tour later this year. Charlie described the video as, "a collaborative project with director Casey Feldman inspired by Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and John Carpenter’s film They Live. Casey proposed the idea of a synchronized dance as the hypnotizing core of the video and we loved it. The song is about the disconnect between ones imagination and reality and the video’s stylized environments versus the monotonous dance kind of represent each of those things.  Over the past year I have been making clothes and decided that for each Polyplastic music video I would design a print that would inform the styling of the video. For “My Prescription” I made the squiggle print that is featured but also designed and built the collars Emily and I are wearing at the start of the video with artist Amy Garofano." 

To accompany the EP,  the post-punk duo gifted us with the music video for "My Prescription".  Check out the premiere below:

Photographed by Dyanne Cano

Written by: Taylor Donley