Location Be Damned, I Need Some Rest

by Francis Parrilli


Photo: Loïc Thebaud at loicthebaud.com


Photo: Loïc Thebaud at loicthebaud.com


Photo: Loïc Thebaud at loicthebaud.com



Location Be Damned, I Need Some Rest

Feature from "The Location Issue" Continues

Cimetière Saint-Pancrace


7,000 reviews

Accepts Credit Cards: No. Parking: Street. Wheelchair Accessible: Yes. Good for Kids: Yes. Good for Groups: Yes. Attire: Sophisticated. Noise Level: Average. Good For Dancing: Yes. Alcohol: Yes. Best Nights: Fri, Sat, Sun. Takes Reservations: Yes.

As the global population continues along the path of astronomical growth and the once plenteous vacancy of land continues to diminish, the pursuit of post-mortem prime real estate is more fiercely competitive than ever. Why spend diminishing financial resources on the likes of coastal Malibu or Monaco when you’re going to spend more time in a pine box than on a picturesque balcony? Be it urn, casket, pyre, or crypt, the secrets to an eternity of pious contentment may simply lay in the geographic splendor of where you do. So choose wisely, this is one long-term lease that is unbreakable.

Tombs with a view. If you figure that your decay into eternity will smell the sweeter behind a salty sea breeze, then let the mistral wind of the Mediterranean blow your rot to a glamorous oblivion above the turquoise fringes of the Côte d’Azur. But ocean views aren’t all that recommend the Cimetière Saint-Pancrace in Roquebrune-Cap Martin to the discerning crypt connoisseur–bold, modernist architectural forms strike up from amidst the high cedars, in a sepulchral skyline that will punctuate your passage to the afterlife with a (probably eventually) ironic statement on the eternal progress of man. A final home for the true aesthete, your neighbors in the grave will include no lesser a figure than Le Corbusier himself, whose heart gave out on a fateful morning swim in the horizon-spanning sea below.

Written by Francis Parrilli