PANDROGENY I & II | Genesis Breyer P-Orridge First West Coast Art Show

by Christopher Andrew Armstrong

Psychic TV frontperson and all-around underground legend Genesis Breyer P-Orridge announces h/er first ever west coast art show taking place from October 23 through November 24 at Lethal Amounts art gallery and the Tom of Finland Foundation.

Billed as PANDROGENY I & II, P-Orridge presents a collection spanning both h/er career as an artist as well as h/er views on the evolution of gender through a selection of paintings, installations, photos, and sculptures. Lethal Amounts hosts PANDROGENY I, which focuses on gender while PANDROGENY II takes place at the Tom of Finland Foundation and features a survey of the artists work spanning from 1986-2016. The collection also showcases work from P-Orridge’s other half Lady Jaye, who passed away in 2007 but lives on through P-Orridge’s work and activities under the guise BREYER P-ORRIDGE.

Genesis Breyer P-Orridge gives an opening night talk and tour on October 23rd and 24th with a performance piece from the artist Christeene. Tickets can be purchased at