Flaunt Premiere | Onoe Caponoe "Lost The Love"

by Paulette Ely

With 95 million instagram photos shared each day, our society makes it nearly impossible to decipher a true creative from millions of clones. However, the counter-culture aesthetic of Onoe Caponoe caught my attention quicker than click-bait. Drawing from the Grime scene in South London with personal roots in space funk, The British rapper’s unapologetic vibe has led to integral insight for his creative perspective as well as a voice that screams loud even when only seen visually through his music videos. 


With his new album “Surf or Die” is on the horizon, we have the privilege here at Flaunt to premiere Onoe Caponoe's new video, ‘Lost The Love’ as well as getting a few words in about his inspirations as an independent and individual soul. 

How would you define your personal style, both as a performer and as a person?

Hahaha, that’s a really hard question for me to answer... I really have no idea what to say...as a performer probably doggy style...and as a person I don’t really exist.. I’m more of a ghost...so as a person my style is probably rare ghost.

Explain the vision for your new video: “Lost The Love”? What does it mean to you?

Well I wanted the video to have what I call a surreal dark neon horror vibe. I watched a few old Japanese and American horror movies and then wrote out the treatment shot for shot. For me the video matches the song, which is basically about not being able to see the beauty in anything anymore.. then realizing the power to change how you feel is inside you etc.. But It’s kind of surreal so it’s open to interpretation.

With social media and a sense of fakeness throughout our culture, how important is it for you to be honest and real when it comes to representing yourself and your vision?

It’s the whole point in me doing it I guess… shits confusing as hell. The internet can cause subconscious sensory overload which can sometimes be dangerous for artists because you could potentially spend more time soaking up other people’s vibes instead of creating your own which I guess may be proven by a lot of shit sounding the same at the moment, or not...

Your new album Surf or Die is coming out and it’s been described at “fearlessly creative.” Tell us a little about it and what’s next for you?

So I made an album. Then I drew the front cover. Then looking at the cover, I started getting a lot of new ideas and also felt the sound of the album needed to match the cover way more than it did at that time. So I then made a lot of new songs and ‘Surf or Die’ was finally taking its final form and it all felt right. It took a long time. It’s a real trip though. It’s like a journey.. but it’s all dope songs hwere I’m going HAM with the rapping. It’s crazy. What’s next for me....good thangs....just all typa real good thangs!

Preorder “Surf or Die” coming out this Friday here!