Exclusive Video Premiere: Sam Sparro’s “Pharma Karma”

by flaunt

Last year Martin Shkreli made national headlines for raising the price of a simple antiparasitic drug over 5000%, earning him the nickname "the most hated man in America." Shkreli—the son of Albanian and Croatian immigrants who worked as janitors—was an easy target on which to place generations worth of contempt and rage at a pharmaceutical industry that seems to do what it wants with impunity and little regard to the many people whose lives are *literally* at stake.

In his newest single—a nod to Prince’s “Sign of the Times” and Marvin Gaye’s “What's Going On,”—artist Sam Sparro asks if prescription drug peddling is “really so different than selling crack out on the corner?” The forthcoming EP Quantum Physical, Volume III: Conspiracy is out August 19th via Intuit Records.

Sparro first broke through with his Grammy-nominated classic "Black and Gold" and his self titled debut album. The critically acclaimed follow-up Return To Paradise produced another international chart topping single: “Happiness.” Having collaborated with the likes of Mark Ronson, Basement Jaxx, Adam Lambert, Aluna George, and Kylie Minogue have further established him as one of the most exciting songwriters, producers and voices today.

We are pleased to premiere the music video for "Pharma Karma (featuring Daniel Merriweather & Emoni Fela)" directed by Joshua Christman from Atypical Beings

We caught up with Sparro and asked him, "What's in yr fridge?"


This is the piano I write a lot of my songs on, along with my Juno 106 that I’ve used on a lot of my records. The piano hasn't been tuned in over 5 years and is all sorts of wrong but that’s what I love about it. Above it I keep my first grammy nomination.


I’ve been collecting records for about 10 years now. I have a lot of funk, hip hop, jazz, disco, and house and I have most of my collection here. At the moment I’m listening to a lot Kamasi Washington, Kendrick, and the NAO album which isn’t out on vinyl yet (so I have to plug my phone in AUX jack).


This is some of my art collection which hangs in my living room. It’s important for me to have beautiful and inspiring things around me. On this wall I have pieces from Celeste Dupuy-Spencer, Mariah Garnett, Sylvia Prada, a photograph my grandfather took of Sammy Davis Jr. and an apology note from Franc Fernandez after he made the “Meat Dress” in my loft.


If this was MTV's Cribs I would say “This is where the magic happens.” After years of moving around and constantly traveling for work, I’ve created a very relaxing place to recharge. I love my bed. A rather large painting from Adrian Gilliland hangs above it. This is usually where my binge-watching occurs when I’m feeling burned out.


I really enjoy cooking and usually cook at least one meal a day when I’m at home. I love South East Asian and Mexican food so I make sure I’m stocked with avocados, limes, jalapeños, garlic, cilantro, fish sauce, and hot sauce.


The promo team at HBO sent me this cut out of Valerie Cherish, from The Comeback, which I keep in my closet. She is motion sensitive and whenever I walk in there she says “Well—I got it!” As if getting dressed wasn’t already fun enough.


This Photo and Portrait: Zion Lennox