the spotlight can change everything

by Everett Ellsworth

PREMIERE: ZHU's Newest Video “Cocaine Model” off the NIGHTDAY EP
Someone somewhere much smarter than me once said that the "education is bitter but the fruits are sweet." We'll make this education short because we all know you want the fruit.

ZHU is the mysterious producer Steven Zhu, formerly anonymous but still mostly enigmatic and the beautiful video featured before you is for smooth as silk "Cocaine Model" off ZHU's NIGHTDAY EP. The video was filmed during New York Fashion Week, and shows a few familiar faces, some of whom have graced the pages of Flaunt.

The 5-minute video gives off some serious Jodorowsky vibes, pairing indeterminate zoomed shots with the relatively mellow dance track, giving a stark impression of timelessness. Is this the '70s? '90s? 2030s? Only ZHU knows.

ZHU will soon be traveling through Europe playing shows, you can see a few dates below, here's to hoping he'll have a catwalk.

Education over. Now go enjoy the fruit.

May 22 IMS Dalt Vila 2015, Ibiza, Spain May 25 Melkweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands May 27 Oval Space, London, UK