It’s Likely I’m Not Getting Enough Hugs

by Everett Ellsworth

Scuba Sits With Us and Answers a Grip of Questions
On the occasion of the release of Scuba's newest full length Claustrophobia, we sat down with the deepest of deep in house and techno and asked him a few questions. Though now residing in Berlin, when asked what the former Londoner misses about the UK, his response is patently British. See for yourself.

What is your favorite fish? Tiger shark. I saw one in the wild once and it scared the shit out of me but it was also incredibly beautiful.

Do you believe in the power of crystals? I do not.

What is your drink of choice? Water. But I do enjoy a glass of Brunello di Montalcino.

If you were to go looking for the fountain of youth where would you start? The concepts of age and health are often mixed up. Youth is generally a state of mind and participating in regular society represses it.

How did growing up with two Freudian psychologists influence your music? I really hope it didn't.

Where do you see yourself 200 years from now? In a parallel universe reaping the rewards for all the nice things I've done for people during my time on earth. Possibly.

Do you think thinking about the future is useful? I do it too much, it's better to enjoy what's going on now. But then, if you don't plan ahead your future moments probably won't be as good as they would have been otherwise.

How has the Berlin scene affected the music you’re making? I've never really been involved in the Berlin scene. I just do my own thing. Techno was something I got into in London in the mid '90s, I didn't just discover it after moving to Germany.

How important is submersion in one of your live sets? DJing for me is about tension and release, you could use the metaphor of diving underwater and coming up for air. If you stay under for too long you'll drown.

Is there anything from Britain you miss living in Berlin? Gallows humour.