"All Day I Dream" Is The Sonic Vacation Your Summer Needs

by Sid Feddema

For those in the know, Lee Burridge is something of a legend. After leaving his native England for Hong Kong (where he is credited for kickstarting the territory's now world class club scene) he's conquered hearts and minds all over the globe from behind the decks. He's a true citizen of the world, and his expansive, hypnotic sound functions as a common currency for all cultures, drawing in music lovers of every variety.

This is more than evident in his latest endeavor, All Day I Dream, an outdoor dance party that's like a day spa for House and Techno fans—hours spent soaking in heavy bass, beautifully melancholic synths, and dreamy beats. The shows have become a sensation, taking Burridge from Barcelona to Budapest and everywhere in between. We caught up with Burridge ahead of the LA manifestation of ADID for a conversation about the project, his career, and his music. We can also attest that after watching the sun set behind the twinkling towers downtown, awash in transcendent music, we're itching to head north for the next installment on September 30th, in Oakland. You'd be wise to do the same.

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There's a trope of the DJ sitting stoically behind the table, seeming almost too cool to interact with the crowd. I don't think anyone would apply this trope to you. Why do you think it’s so important to bring a sense of fun and performance to your sets?

Hmm… sitting does sound good though! Personally, I just feel the music. I want to be on the dance floor with everyone else and just get into it as much as I’d like everyone else too. It’s a connection to the vibe of the tracks and the night. If I don't look like I’m having a good time (which I always am) then why would anyone else? It’s simply an honest and pure bodily reaction to the music. Exactly what I hope everyone else feels.

Can you describe the scene of the first All Day I Dream? The venue, the people, the vibe?

We began on a rooftop in Brooklyn with 300 friends and friends of friends. The DJ booth was, as it is now, on the same level with the dance floor so that we are eye level with the crowd. The decor flowed and felt as feminine as it does today and Manhattan was our backdrop over the Hudson River. There was also a lot of skies. The vibe hasn’t really ever changed. Just a lot of smiles and fun really.

What do you hope people take away from an All Day I Dream party? What type of mood are you hoping to set?

Funny you should use the term “take away’. I felt this was somewhat lacking a few years before starting the event. Music had become super drum oriented and anthems weren’t really common. People were leaving with more of a sense of it being just fun or a good party. I wanted to add in other layers that I would experience at parties. One being certain tracks that got stuck in your head for days and that you might hear again at the next event. I also hope that people leave with a sense of warmth and a feeling of being part of a loving community. Perhaps, a sense of release too. By that I mean, if it’s been a stressful or emotional week, I want All Day I Dream to kind of gently bathe you in a more positive energy. I like it when people leave with a smile on their faces.

Why is Summer such an important season for you to celebrate?

So we can dance under the sun and receive all that lovely vitamin D, all of us need so badly. It’s the reason why we keep ADID an outdoor experience.

How did Lost Desert come to be a part of ADID? What's it like traveling, playing, and producing with him?

He’s an old soul and it’s been a joy. His musical talents are endless and it’s been a pleasure to allow him to blossom within the family. I met him on my travels and everything just clicked. After getting to know him, I don’t think he ever really achieved what he deserved and through All Day I Dream I've been able to expose his innate talents to a lot more people.

How are your current gigs different from those early days you spent in Hong Kong? How are they similar?

At their core, they are the same in certain ways. I play the music that moves me and I love. These days though, I have a whole three decades of experience behind me and an unshakable belief in what I do. It allows me to speak and play honestly from my heart. The HK days were a blur—fun but pretty crazy. They were also more the beginning of finding my musical identity so a little more all over the place musically. I was also based in one city whereas these days I’m constantly on the move. Each has its own positives and negatives but each I appreciate as the gift they are to me.

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How do you go about finding locations for ADID? What do you look for in a venue?

Obviously, outdoors. I try to find spaces where we aren’t all squashed into a venue. I love natural elements to be a part of them. Ideally, I’d have them all on grass, but that’s a tough ask, and also with as much sky as possible. Each of the parties becomes more of a risk though as you never know when the rains will want to be a part of the party too! We’ve been asked by so many people at this point to bring All Day I Dream to their cities but it’s always down to whether the venues are the same standard as everywhere else we host an event. It’s also tough as the sound system has to be on point. Playing events at the volume I desire also restricts our choices.

Are you ever surprised at how far you've come as a musician?

I wish it was further is all I can say :)

Do you see differences in the ways that the variety of cultures you play for respond to the music?

Music seems to connect people together whereas a lot of other things divide us and they don't really respond that much differently in all honesty. It’s actually fairly universal. But love is, isn’t it?

Any ambitions or plans for the future you'd like to talk about?

All Weekend I Dream… ;)

Tickets for All Day I Dream available here.

Photographs courtesy Wes Campbell https://www.instagram.com/wmcampbell/