Kanye West Returns to, and Spreads Love On, Instagram

by Flaunt Editorial Staff

Brooke Shields & Michael Jackson

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Fans of Kanye West were surprised with a Valentine's Day gift from from the musician and designer himself. West has returned to Instagram! Starting the day off with a post honoring his wife, Kim Kardashian, West followed up with pictures of other power couples. The pairs chosen range from the Obamas to Madonna and Dennis Rodman to Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick.

Jeff Koons & Ilona Staller

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Some celebs show up in more than one photo, including Pamela Anderson and Michael Jackson. The posts have been flooding in all day and they show no signs of stopping. Maybe this is anew project of his, a new Instagram just meant for celebrity couples, or a gift for Kim, since his avatar is just a cropped picture of the white card. West seems to have made a (most welcomed) grand reappearance to Instagram by showing his fans some love, on love day.

Michelle Obama & Barack Obama

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Written by Sarah Smithy