Judy Chicago: A Reckoning

by Andrés Gudiño

Judy Chicago’s seminal feminist artworks are in exhibition at the ICA, presented by fashion heavyweight Max Mara until March 2019 in Judy Chicago: A Reckoning. The showcase embarks on Chicago’s earlier works: hallucinatory spray painted triptychs, yonic porcelain plasters, a breach into her more experimental pieces in the fluid corporal and organic shapes on Birth Project. A Reckoning is also set to show lesser known works from the artist,  as well as her evolution into minimalist sculptural pieces in Car Hoods that show Chicago exploring outside of her abstract realm and playing with new textures and materials. Not to mention, her iconic installations, Dinner Party, that show Chicago at her technical best. A Reckoning functions as a timeline that traces Chicago’s process in between the sixties and nineties through her most pivotal artistic decisions. Max Mara’s creative director, Ian Griffiths has also designed an exclusive t-shirt for the exhibition that features a print of Chicago’s Bigamy Hood, which is now available in select Max Mara boutiques. Be sure to catch the Judy Chicago: A Reckoning before April 21st, and the artist’s site-specific sculpture, A Purple Poem for Miami on February 23rd.