Jack Curtis Dubowsky | Steven Arnold: Heavenly Bodies

by Hannah Jackson

Courtesy of Silverlake Media.

Courtesy of Silverlake Media.

The opening strings of “Aftermath of the Sixties” seems like it would set the scene of a romantic, albeit, tragic ballet—think Romeo and Juliet or Swan Lake. However, not even 30 seconds in, the piece diverges, sounding almost as though it has been warped in a time machine expediting it to narrate the life of Steven Arnold.

Arnold was able to achieve multi-hyphenate status during his brief 51 years of life. The artist was skilled in a host of mediums, including photography, film, painting, and costume and set design. Arnold, who was a protégé of Salvador Dalí, spent the last years of his life focused on his breathtaking tableau-vivant photography—many of which went unpublished after his death.

Though much of Arnold’s unseen work remains a mystery, a new documentary will hopefully be able to shed light on the little-known artist. Directed by Vishnu Dass and slated to premiere at Outfest in Los Angeles on July 21st, the film will feature archival footage of the artist himself, as well as scored by prolific composer Jack Curtis Dubowsky.

Dubowsky is set to release the original soundtrack for Steven Arnold: Heavenly Bodies on July 19th, ahead of the release of the film, which is narrated by Angelica Huston. The 16-track score will support Arnold’s childhood all the way until his untimely death in 1994. “Jack Curtis Dubowsky’s music added a new dimension to the film, and was able to capture musically the magic and wonder of Steven Arnold, his environment, and his work with great sensitivity and mastery,” Dass said.

Dubrowsky’s other visionary work can be seen (or rather, heard) internationally, as many of his works have been performed by choirs worldwide. In addition to his orchestral compositions, he is also known for creating works based off of speeches by notable public figures such as Harvey Milk and President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Click here to preorder the soundtrack to Steven Arnold: Heavenly Bodies and view the track list below:

  1. Lifelong Student of Comparative Religions

  2. San Francisco Art Institute

  3. Still the Elders

  4. 17th Street Studio

  5. Aftermath of the Sixties

  6. Steven Meets Dalí

  7. Obiko Retailer in San Francisco

  8. Moving to Hollywood

  9. Manners, Cocktails, Salons, Parties

  10. Tableau Photography

  11. Modeling for Steven

  12. Pandora’s Session in Silence

  13. Archetypes and Mythology

  14. Lifelong Student Bonus Alternate

  15. Tableau Photography Bonus Alternate

  16. Archetypes and Mythology Bonus Alternate