Grimes | "We Appreciate Power"

by Kyle Huewe

Photo courtesy of The Lede Company

Photo courtesy of The Lede Company

Grimes has stayed relatively off the musical grid since the release of Art Angels in 2015, and she’s made more headlines in the past year for her relationship with Elon Musk rather than her musical prowess. However, she’s back with a new single, titled “We Appreciate Power” and featuring singer HANA.

The single takes a new approach to feminist anthems, thematically looking at a A.I. girl group from the future who propagates goodwill towards artificial intelligence. The machine girl group uses sex, song, dance, and fashion to spread its message. Do we smell an Elon influence?

Musically, the song estranges from Grimes’ typical style – but because Grimes has never been typical, it’s difficult to say whether the song offers surprises or not. It’s a hard-rock melody set in outer space, reminiscing of a more natural time in musical instrumentation.

Meshing industrial overtones with pop sensibility, Grimes shows where her music has taken her over the years. From the whimsical bubblegum fantasies of 2012’s Visions to “We Appreciate Power,” the singer-songwriter surely pushes her musical boundaries much as the technology around her pushes the boundaries of our own world.