Flaunt Premiere | Maybird "Don't Keep Me Around"

by Morgan Vickery


Maybird is the psychedelic band comprised of singer/songwriter Josh Netsky, brother Adam Netsky on drums, guitarist Sam Snyder, and Kurt Johnson with the pedal steel/guitar. In 2016, the group signed with 30th Century Records, where they released "Unraveling,” produced by Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney. Today, Maybird kicks off their year with, "Don't Keep Me Around;” a hallucinatory trip down memory lane.

“Don’t Keep Me Around has an old-school kind of vibe and personality to it. I’m thinking of 60’s music particularly when so many songs had very simple, straightforward choruses like “She’s Got a Ticket To Ride” or “Dance To the Music” that just repeat over and over. That was the vibe this song naturally took on. We also had the expertise of producer Sam Cohen to help us capture that old-school vibe while keeping things ethereal and funky.” - Josh Netsky

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