Flaunt Premiere | Kevin A's "Make Me Move"

by Paulette Ely

“Make Me Move” is a sensory stimulation reminding us that the nature of our world is sincerely a simulation. Kevin A, the Toronto talent, test-pilots the genre bending nature of visual music by moseying his way through his own streets. With the medium of a mannequin contrasted by sensory scenes of textured skin and honestly erotic eyelashes, we see themes of “controlling life,” something we all know is frankly a fallacy. With love being just as experimental of an art as music is, Kevin cedes to the control of his love interest in the video only to find that being a man in this world is sometimes not to far off from being a mannequin. Through developing his experimental R&B music career and gaining recognition such as the Eugenie Shehirian Award for Youth Literature in 2017, Kevin A is polished in his vision, yet allows the influences of the world to bring him organic success, just as portrayed through his journey through the streets in “Make Me Move.”

We are honored to premiere Kevin A’s video “Make Me Move” here, and we hope it moves you just as much as it did for us. 

Stream Kevin A’s music here.