Dior premieres video for the new Diorever bag

by Ashley Reynolds


Featuring Lucie de la Falaise, Sabine Getty, Sofia Mechetner, Hen Yanni, Karla Welch, Lola Kirke, and Loulou Robert

Dior's latest promo video for its Diorever bag pushes the idea of versatility to the forefront. Each woman speaks about herself, her vision of femininity and her definition of the word "ever" in these fun, unique short clips.

From displays of toughness, to confessions of sugar addictions and obsessions with the color pink, the promo helps to manifest Diorever's fluidity, as it can complement any woman effortlessly.

The Diorever bag is featured in a variation of styles - from mini to large, and handheld to satchel - showcasing just how easily its classic look can be adapted to any lifestyle.