Drum and Lace Releases New Double Single and Music Video

by James McClune

The double single “Vesper” (with b-side “per:me:ate”) is the new and latest release from trip-hop band Drum and Lace. The up pace tempo that begins “Vesper” feels as though it belongs in a foreign car, speeding through dark city lit streets. The songs elegant yet electric tones continue throughout the first single and fade into the b-side “per:me:ate”, continuing its melodic rhythm yet, contrastingly, is much slower and ambient. This second piece calms the nerves, so much so, that you might even find yourself zoning out while writing an article. 

Drum & Lace by The Supermaniak 1_preview.jpg

Alongside the debut of the double single, Drum and Lace has released a music video for “per:me:ate”. The visuals all directed, shot and edited by Alix Spence were filmed on VHS and done in a live performance with video-synth, culminating in a beautifully done presentation that perfectly matches the track. The trippy visuals and music work perfectly together in a new and fresh way.

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Written by James McClune