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by Flaunt Magazine

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Dewyer’s, known for priding themselves in products packed full of oils containing vitamins, minerals and collagen properties giving you everything essential to a healthy, beautiful looking face where each formula will feed your skin, creating a supple texture and an even color.

Dewyer’s name comes from the word ‘Dew’ which is the look of right now that everyone wants to achieve. Doing so by highlighters and other products but the fact is, is that it only does so much while damaging your skin. And that’s how Dewyer came around, wanted to give to the world the ability to have a natural glow while having healthy skin.

Dewyer founder Harley Gusman says, "I want each product to reveal the 'wet' look, without the makeup. Your face should look and feel hydrated, naturally. That's what I'm here for."

We got our hands on the products and had a wonderful time trying them out.

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Dewyer face wash:

I have to say, after using the face wash , I felt so refreshed leaving my face completely rejuvenated.

The dewier face wash free’s your skin of redness and creates an even colour balance of your skin.

The amazing product contains ourSpirulina + Chlorophyll. Spirulina has incredible anti-ageing effects, and Chlorophyll will take care of repairing skin cells. This formula is a must-have for anyone looking to find their fresh face.

Dewyer Clearing Toner:

The luscious toner containing Eucalyptus and Zinc leaves you feeling fabulous. Eucalyptus not only feels good, but it is also an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. It works well with minor redness, and also does a bang-up job removing dirt, makeup, and sweat. While Zinc will help with prevention! 

Dewyer Face Cream:

The dewier face cream has a frankincense base oil which is drawn from the resin of the “Boswellia Sacra” tree.

It leaves your face feeling so smooth and soft but not overpowering and clotted which was great.

Frankincense is known to improve an even skin-tone, help with suppleness and resilience, and also works against bacteria or acne. Frankincense oil helps to tighten your skin, without being too harsh on drying or cracking. 

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Dewyer Face Oil:

Dewyer Face Oil felt so rich and expensive on the skin. If gave the perfect finish to the whole treatment. Leaving you feeling like a whole new person.

The face oil is the perfect repairing and nourishing serum. Packed with Vitamin E- an antioxidant that is necessary for cell growth, and Kukui Nut

This oil is specific for all skin types

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Photographed by Jake Harrison

Written by Lily Burdis