Refik Anadol Studio | DATALAND:LINQ

by Jalyn Eaton

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In his first-ever Las Vegas art installation, Turkish artist Refik Anadol introduces us to the future of art-in-architecture by creating an intersection between digital and physical mediums. DATALAND:LINQ will have its grand opening at The LINQ Hotel + Experience on Friday, June 7th.  

Claiming a spot as one of the world’s largest and most interactive environmental art installations, DATALAND:LINQ consists of LED screens, 3D LED sculptures, and immersive zones where visitors can become an active part of the experience due to sensors that feed off of the movement and sound of those interacting with it.

The art installation, woven throughout the casino, features six distinct virtual reality bays where guests can experience interactive games that are meant to take the phrase “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” to a whole new level. Some of DATALAND;LINQ’s virtual adventures include saving the world from evil robots, becoming a DJ in outer space, or throwing on some gloves and competing against Rocky Balboa in the boxing ring.

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