Brad Oberhofer

by Miles Griffis

PRADA     turtleneck, pants, socks, and shoes.

PRADA turtleneck, pants, socks, and shoes.

Brad is the lead singer of the band Oberhofer. If you didn’t catch them a few years ago crooning in the desert winds at Coachella, surely you’ve heard their pop/surf rock rhythms soundtracked in shows like Gossip Girl, Teen Wolf, and BoJack Horseman. On top of the band’s success, Oberhofer, the man, composed the T.V. show Alone Together (2018) and recorded a soundtrack for the film Table 19 (2017). 

PRADA     turtleneck and pants.

PRADA turtleneck and pants.

Your band Oberhofer has had so many songs featured on T.V. shows, commercials, and in film. Why do you think the band’s sound has paired so well as a soundtrack to the screen? 

I have a terrible short term memory. Usually I can only finish working on a song if its melody makes its way thoroughly into my subconscious and is stuck in my head until I finish it. That may explain its commercial usage, maybe it gets stuck in other people’s heads too. 

What is your favorite aspect of composing scores for film and television? What’s the most difficult part?
Music directly manipulates the emotional subconscious, I would argue more overtly than most other artistic mediums. Composers take on a lot of moral responsibility; you could manipulate someone into loving a terrible mind-numbing medication through well-strategized background music, or you could motivate someone to fight for better education, or to advocate for something you find to be morally just. This is both my favorite aspect and the most difficult aspect of composing for film, TV, and commercials. Your morals as an individual directly affect the stance the music in your score takes, whether it be in support of a protagonist or to empathize with a villain. I take this responsibility seriously. 

Which scene did you most enjoy scoring for Alone Together? And recording for Table 19?
In Alone Together, there’s a hilarious scene in which Ester asks to drive Dean’s car, he responds with “Do you know how to drive a seven-speed, dual-clutch transmission?” and they race to find Benji. It was fun to see such macho music placed to such a funny scene. 

In Table 19, my favorite scene to work on was the ending, where I covered “Melt With You” while Craig Robinson, Lisa Kudrow, Stephen Merchant, Anna Kendrick, Wyatt Russell, and Tony Revolori were all dancing together after the wedding. The whole cast was incredible to be around. 

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Photographer: Carlos Serrao at Beauty and Photo.

Hair: Sheridan Ward using Orbie at Cloutier Remix.

Makeup: Kristin Hilton using Hourglass Cosmetics at The Wall Group.

Manicurist: Merrick Fisher using Chanel Le Vernis at Opus Beauty.

Photographed at Hubble Studio

Producer: Amy Ground.

Production Coordinator: Thalita Mangin.

Lighting Director: Ron Loepp.

Digital Tech: Damon Loble.

Cinematographer: Monica May.

Sound Design: Mey Chen.

Illustrator/ Collage Artist: Alice Isaac.

Assistant: Jacob Khan.

Grips: John Brunhold And Brian Beverly.

Electricians: Garrett Lara And Ernie Rosas.

Prop Designer: James Lear.

Prop Assistant: Wyndam Garnett.

Location: Hubble Studio, Los Angeles.

Post Production Stills: Rare Digital.