Flaunt Premiere | Bagarre "Kabylifornie"

by BJ Panda Bear

The spirit of The City of Lights is still glowing with the might of nightlife thanks to the Parisian band Bagarre. Working off a fierce live reputation, the musicians recently released their debut album CLUB 12345 as well as headlining Pitchfork Festival in Paris last October. Now The group is back with their single “Kabylifornie.”

Produced by Vladimir Cauchemar, the track is inspired by Bagarre’s Mus on his multicultural background rooted in Parisian skate culture as well as holidays in Algeria. Playing on the word Kabylie, where his family is from, and California the song goes between celebrating the Arabic loops and the bands signature beats as he repeats, “J'kiffe le skate, j'kiffe le rock, j'kiffe le bled, oui c'est moi!" (I dig skate, rock and my hometown, that’s who I am)

Photos courtesy of the Bagarre