Takashi Murakami's Art was Honored with Music at The Broad's Strange Forest

by Chanel Peykar

Hustle'n'Punch By Kaikai And Kiki  2009  On view at The Broad

Hustle'n'Punch By Kaikai And Kiki


On view at The Broad

On Saturday (July 29), The Broad presented its second installation in the Summer Happenings series, this time entitled “Strange Forest,” a live music event inspired by the works of pop artist Takashi Murakami. The evening presented 10 music groups who drew from similar influence, a current exploration of how Japan’s comprehensive music scene has burgeoned into American culture. 

The night opened with a performance by Tokiko Ihara on the sho, a meditative instrument used in ancient gagaku music for ceremonies held at Japan’s imperial court. Ihara was followed by the contrasting sounds of Afrirampo, a Japanese guitar and drum duo, and Oorutaichi, a solo electro and folklore artist.

Another highlight was LA’s very own Devendra Banhart, whose latest album Ape in Park Marble was inspired in part by Japanese culture.  “The Japanese eye is generally less concerned with the object itself, and more interested in what’s behind the object,” Banhart told Public Radio’s Open Air — an attitude that speaks to the transcendent power of Japanese art beginning with the awe-inspiring legacy of Murakami.   

The Summer Happenings series at The Broad will be continuing August 26th with Oracle.