Strosberg Mandel's Celeb Portrait Exhibit, "Troubadours of Eternity", Coming to New York City's Lichtundfire Gallery

by Flaunt Intern

NYC-based art duo Strosberg Mandel are celebrating iconic musicians with their debut solo exhibition, "Troubadours of Eternity." Assembled with semi-precious stones, fabrics, and serendipitously acquired materials, these large scale oil and enamel portraits are homages to rock ‘n’ roll royalty such as David Bowie, Cher, Prince and Tom Petty.

This pair is comprised of Serge Strosberg and David Mandel—equal contributors, creative partners and friends. Serge Strosberg, trained by German expressionists, describes his portrait of Prince as “mysterious, mischievous and exuberant—which is what Prince was all about.” 

Their portrait of Elizabeth Taylor, “You Bet Your Ass They’re Real,” immortalizes her with jewels—in reference to her fine jewelry line and love of accessories. The portrait features an exposed skull with sparkly mesh brains—a way of encompassing the remarkable humanitarian, actress and beloved figure that she was. Using a real Issey Miyake dress, Strosberg Mandel brought this piece to life.

The full portrait series will be on view at Lichtundfire Art Gallery in Manhattan from January 24-February 4."