Karen Finley Bringing Her Political Comedy to DTLA Next Week

by Flaunt Intern

Comedian, performance artist, and writer Karen Finley is readying her latest work, The Expanded Unicorn Gratitude Mystery which is coming to REDCAT, CalArts' downtown center for contemporary art next week.

From Chicago, Finley has traveled the globe with her controversial rhetoric to create performances exploring issues like politics, citizenship, marginalization and more. 

In her latest installation, the focus is on a unicorn, which she fantasizes as a "Hillary-like and Donald-like being." Continuing on the idea of the fictional animal, Finley's focus is on the whiteness of the unicorn and how its color and power is a microcosm for our country (and world for that matter) today.

Despite the controversy surrounding Finley's ideas, she's published an expansive amount of material across all sorts of media. From books to visual arts, poems to film, Finley has continues to explore her ideas when she's not teaching at NYU.

Finley's performance will take place at the REDCAT from October 12-15. Check out the video above to get a taste of what her performance will consist of. To purchase tickets for Finley's show, you can head to the REDCAT website here.

Written by Corey Fuller