by Agathe Pinard

  • Garage Exchange: SPAN (Matias del Campo and Sandra Manninger) and Jay Yan at MAK. SPAN’s installation, Augmentations of the Real, presents itself as an occasion to interrogate the opportunities that augmented reality present for the discipline of architecture. The notion is discussed from different angles, from aspects of the enhancement of spatial experiences to aspects of AR as an agent of culture. When? Oct 17 - Dec 8.

  • Alex Roulette: Memory Moving Sideways at George Billis Gallery. Alex writes of his work, "Everyday encounters evoke recollections of the past without conscious effort. I draw from these involuntary memories of places and experiences, although I question the reliability of my memory. As more time passes the events get distorted and become more about perception and less about reality. Memories turn into myths and only recall chosen aspects of the past. When I’m painting I use the liberties the medium allows to dislocate objects and figures, recalling the hazy state of memories in which certain details fall into place while others fade away. When ? Oct 20 - Nov 24.

  • Eric Hesse: Almost Not There at George Billis Gallery. Bound more by theme than motif, the work in this exhibit skitters on the line between presence and absence. Walls, water, brick and metal, atmosphere and mountain, each is set up to pique with strangeness and inevitability. Exploring the magic of contradictions. When ? Oct 20 - Nov 24.

By Agathe Pinard